PCM® training – key to successful communication

Are you looking for your better self? Would you like to communicate better? Do you look for keys to resolving conflicts? Would you love quickly applicable tools?

The PCM® (Process Communication Modell) helps you understand yourself and others and supports you in being able to adapt your behaviour to the situation. The 6 personality-type energies that are described in the model determines communication, behaviour and your reaction to stressful situations. It gives you an objective, deep and non-judgemental self-knowledge and helps you build more effective relations, not only at work but also in private life.

The PCM® (Process Communication Modell) is a scientifically proven innovative toolkit based on careful observation and accurate behaviour analysis. Easy to understand, learn and allows us to connect with others effectively. Be it about understanding, motivating, effective information exchange or managing stress situations the PCM ® provides practical and immediately applicable guidelines.

In the background there is the scientifically validated model of the personality structure based on the transactional analytical approach.


What can you get in the program?

  • With the help of the questionnaire you gain insight into the structure of your personality.
  • The model supports a differentiated yet simplifying understanding of self and others.
  • Communication is based on a positive ok-ok proposition, which supports a non-judgemental approach, and so decreases resistance.
  • Provides tangible tools in recognising the patterns in others’ behaviour.
  • Gives tips and tools for a more effective rapport building.
  • Helps recognising stress patterns in self and others and suggests applicable tools to manage them.
  • Introduces the motivation on a real individual level according to the needs of the types and through that you can become a better leader.


How does PCM differ from other personality models?

Have you ever talked to someone about the same thing but somehow you could not understand each other? PCM® helps you in HOW you need to say something to get the message across.

The emphasis is placed on the complex structure of the personality, rather than on the individual components which makes the functioning (yours and others’) comprehensible. According to PCM® each person’s personality can be described as unique combination of six basic personality types/energies. To illustrate the combinations the model employs the analogy of a six-story-house – the personality building.

It can in this way predict and explain the development direction and change as well.

Its communication suggestions are specific up to the level of words, sentences and gestures, (up to a bit level) so you can quickly recognize and react to the others.
In a relaxed state we are able to communicate using any of our type-energies and switch level. But, under the influence of stress we follow the reaction of our dominant energies. By recognising those patterns, we will be able to change and to adapt.

The Process Communication Model®-t was developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler Ph.D in the United States, and was soon applied in the selection of NASA in 1982. In Europe it was first used in 1987. Bill Clinton applied it in his campaign




  • Day 1: 27. September - 9:00-16:30
  • Day 2: 28. September - 9:00-13:30


  • 1113. Budapest, Tornavár street 8. 2/13.



120.000 HUF + VAT / person

(the price includes the questionaire costs)

For more information and registration please contact us.