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In an ever changing world among constant challenges the life long learning is inevitable to succeed and to deliver results. Also in our personal well-being is conticious education and development a factor that keeps us flexible. we at Coach for Progress are there to support, individual, team or company development.

Coach képzés ajánlások

  • This training is mainly put into practice along a well-thought-out and structured curriculum. We have learned a lot of useful and practical methods and our professional competence has significantly expanded. A lot of encouragement, concrete and practical feedback all helped us to leave the training with an in-depth knowledge despite the short time - and to get a feel for the profession, the method and the further training as well. - Coach for Progress advanced course participant

    Coach training for psychologists participant
  • Effective and professional management of competencies and work situations that can be maximally incorporated into the framework of individual counseling, in which the training helped. And I got real feedback from the team and Zita that I can really learn from, the complex and well-designed curriculum, the professional education I came across. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and wants to be a really good coach, not just “some kind of coach”.

    Coach for Progress advanced course participant
  • I think this coach training works in a well-structured system, giving us a lot of tools to understand ourselves and others. It places great emphasis on finding and implementing solutions. It is useful not only for those who want to work as a coach, but also for those who want to gain deeper self-knowledge.

    Coach for Progress advanced course participant
  • I am very grateful for this training, for the knowledge, for the people I met there. It restored my belief that there are indeed trainings that really contribute to our development, where we get realistic, constructive feedback and encouraging impulses to our work.

    Regina Balázs
  • Zita is a professional who has shared all his knowledge with the group to the maximum. Written materials and personal experiences enriched and enriched the practical tasks. I think if someone wants to become a professional coach, with the knowledge gained here and the rest, they can become the maximum in time. The support for the instructor to help resolve all the excitement, which is in the participants. There are plenty of practices through which you can try out many tools in a safe environment.

    Anett Gáti
    Work and organizational psychologist
  • The knowledge Zita has is very extensive, whatever comes up can already be related. She seems to love what she does, she believes in it and it captivates us too! She pays a lot of attention to people and her words give a lot of confirmation. I can be a good coach if I can look at the cochee from a sufficient distance and see its beauty as in a painting, neither too close nor too far away.

    Dorina Tóth-Csepeli
    Sales-marketing Junior HR Partner, psychologist